Third party candidates in the US shouldn’t run for president

I think people form a party other than Democrats and Republicans should not run for president in the US.

Maybe in the future this will make sense but at the moment it doesn’t.

A third party should concentrate first on communal and local races across the country, be it school boards, mayor of a small town etc. wherever possible. I’m aware that Democrats and Republicans have put in hurdles that a third party has to overcome even at low levels.  But due to the smaller number of people and the more personal contact, it is easier to achieve success there with significantly less money.

Through this bottom up strategy this third party can gain recognition without the big ad money of the two main parties. The higher the recognition, the better the chances to win bigger races over time. Once the third party has gained significant numbers of local and state seats across the country, it will be able to get their candidates elected as House Representatives. These representatives have to be careful to not get too close to either party and vote their conscience, not because Democrats and Republicans vote that way. Of course the temptation to join either party is big at this stage, which is why there needs to be a solid base to counter it. Until the third party has governors and senators, a run for presidency will fail.

Even in the unlikely case of the candidate winning, it is worth nothing, if the president then cannot deal with the two parties he just beat.

This is a long term process over decades. Every party in Germany’s multi-party system had to go through this process. A third party in the US has to do the same with a significant disadvantage because the system favours the two big parties. But it is possible and can only help increase democracy and holding politicians responsible.

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